Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Padme, Yoda, and Jabba

We have new foster kittens. This is Padme. I knew she would be naughty the second we got in the car, when she started practicing plastic-and-metal reconstruction art with the cat carrier.
Yoda is the Yoda-looking one in the back. The front one we call Jabba cuz he's a fatty and he growls when other animals try to eat food within 3.14 meters of him. He's like a Geiger counter for omnivores.

Kittens are like crack for Kraken. When they're gone, she goes into withdrawal mode and tries to extract kittens from my neck at 4 am using creative combinations of tongue, teeth, and claws. When they're here she is asleep with a dopey smile on her face. That is, when she's not establishing her dominance by beating them up through the wire cage while they're using the litter box.

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