Monday, September 22, 2008

Top Ten Percent

feeding breathing eating
where brilliant minds are cast in silhouettes
feeding off each other but creating nothing.
divulging in the music but singing nothing.
hoping for proprietary compensation
access to another failed network
of brilliant minds expanding themselves in monotony.
content with being average with
reveling in the comfort of
resting in the shadows of
other brilliant minds.

Thursday, September 18, 2008


I love listening to Henri and Dax talk about homework and other aerospace things. Henri solves homework problems by intuition. Right now I can hear him explaining to Dax, "So I think we can put this on the right side of the equation because it seems right..." and "well we should just plug this equation into that one and see if it does anything." Of course my favorite Dax-Henri exchange is:

Henri, with delusions of grandeur: "I have an inuition about orbits."
Dax, flatly: "Yeah, they go in circles."

I like being comparing the UT aerospace engineering with the UT biology department. Aerospace needs a lot of money and gets even more money. Biology needs a lot of money and gets none. Aerospace: Need to fly to Houston to fly a satellite on a hot air balloon? "Let me write you a check." Biology: Need to keep the one decent field laboratory, built in the early 1900s and since unchanged, from being demolished and replaced by condos? *cricket cricket*

The aerospace building is nicely furnished with a computer lab where aerospace engineers can print to their heart's content. The biology building is... well... in pieces in a landfill somewhere, because its dilapidated self was filled with asbestos. But hey, I like being the underdog.

Life is hard. Ever heard that before? For the first 21 years of my life I was always searching for the perfect answer, the change to make that would make the rest of my life a piece of cake. That answer doesn't exist. But even if it actually did, I would be unhappy with it. I don't want to do anything. I don't want to study, or fill out vet school applications, or even do some fun things that require effort. But when I make myself overcome laziness, that is when I am truly happy. The problem is I have to do it every day, or I just end up eating lots of chocolate covered expresso beans.

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Hate Ike, love bikes

I needed a new outlet for procrastination that was more productive than facebook. And a new way to compete with Henri since I am now beating him going up hills on the bicycle. Thus Illuminati Pants was born. I'm not sure if this will be productive, but facebook's stalker feed has been letting me down lately, and it's definitely better than memorizing amino acids.

Right now my life is being taken over by animals - mostly in the form of foster kittens. Fostering kittens is the optimal choice for maximal cuteness and minimal commitment. Or so it seems at first. They are constantly getting themselves into trouble, and needing things like food and water (psh). Really they are cute enough to warrant whatever they put me through. But the worst part is saving the kittens from Henri - he is like a 6 year old that's never had a cat and wants to eat it for breakfast. We have to give our current pair of kittens back on Friday. Which is good, because I am falling in love with one of them, named Stitch because I think she is an alien.After they get adopted at Town Lake Animal Center, total number of kitties saved from euthanasia by Illuminati Pants = 4.

Have you ever had to find a wedding photographer? It is like watching the movie "Envy." I remember during the ten-minute monologue involving "Vapoorizer," I was slouching ever more into my chair, wanting to melt into a puddle on the floor, detesting myself for being part of a society that would pay money to watch something so terrible. But perhaps we are all masochists. Wedding photography, for the most part, is soft focus filters and black and white pictures where only the roses are colored red. I have a strong stomach - Lucky puking up her breakfast and capturing fresh kitten stool samples don't make me think twice- but looking at those wedding pictures made me nauseas. Trying to find a wedding photographer was painful. But I found an oasis in the desert, and his name is Jake Holt. He will save me from Wedding Industrial Complex-induced self mutilation.

I am getting a mountain bike on Saturday. Zing!