Thursday, September 18, 2008


I love listening to Henri and Dax talk about homework and other aerospace things. Henri solves homework problems by intuition. Right now I can hear him explaining to Dax, "So I think we can put this on the right side of the equation because it seems right..." and "well we should just plug this equation into that one and see if it does anything." Of course my favorite Dax-Henri exchange is:

Henri, with delusions of grandeur: "I have an inuition about orbits."
Dax, flatly: "Yeah, they go in circles."

I like being comparing the UT aerospace engineering with the UT biology department. Aerospace needs a lot of money and gets even more money. Biology needs a lot of money and gets none. Aerospace: Need to fly to Houston to fly a satellite on a hot air balloon? "Let me write you a check." Biology: Need to keep the one decent field laboratory, built in the early 1900s and since unchanged, from being demolished and replaced by condos? *cricket cricket*

The aerospace building is nicely furnished with a computer lab where aerospace engineers can print to their heart's content. The biology building is... well... in pieces in a landfill somewhere, because its dilapidated self was filled with asbestos. But hey, I like being the underdog.

Life is hard. Ever heard that before? For the first 21 years of my life I was always searching for the perfect answer, the change to make that would make the rest of my life a piece of cake. That answer doesn't exist. But even if it actually did, I would be unhappy with it. I don't want to do anything. I don't want to study, or fill out vet school applications, or even do some fun things that require effort. But when I make myself overcome laziness, that is when I am truly happy. The problem is I have to do it every day, or I just end up eating lots of chocolate covered expresso beans.

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