Tuesday, December 22, 2009

It's that time of year...

Henri and I made the drive from Austin to Houston - with 4 animals. With the dog cage, two cat carriers, and accounting for NY clothes, we just barely fit everything in the car. Parka meowed the ENTIRE three and a half hours (which should have been two and a half, but there was traffic, then impatient Henri, then a quite scenic route involving our GPS TomTom and out-of-date maps... oops). But it's definitely worth it to see my mom, Josh, and Henri's family.

Last night we visited our friend from high school/junior high. He just moved from California and bought a house in Austin. It's well built and quite amazing. AND he and his girlfriend can park their cars in the garage. Since they have real jobs, they have had the opportunity to become wine snobs, and so we had a little wine tasting party at their new house. Well, they wine tasted, and Henri and I wine gulped. That's how we roll. I have to admit, Henri and I are a tad jealous. We are both getting post-graduate degrees so we can "pursue our dreams" or whatever. Our friend just told us to throw in the towel and sell our souls to a corporation. Haha. It's tempting, but I think I can deal living in Bryan, TX for 3.5 more years next to my drunk white trash neighbors, and studying 24/7. Torturing yourself for a good cause always has a happy ending. And Henri and I will be so, so much happier when we buy a house in 5 years than if we bought one now. Side note: my friend got an undergrad degree in computer science, while mine is in biology. I probably couldn't even get a job right now, much less afford a house, if I had taken the other route. :) Plus, eventually my job will be saving animals; who can argue with that?

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