Friday, March 16, 2012

Ides of March

This Thursday, March 15th was our 3rd anniversary and the first Driveway crit of the season.

The women's 4 race was fast and furious, mostly due to some very athletic juniors who kept jumping off of the front. By the end of the race, most of the women weren't chasing, because none of them would hold a breakaway. I was just trying to hang on and stay away from the front (although I was tricked into it a few times by the juniors). Teammate Allison F was on top of her game, and won both of the primes. She picked up mad sprinting skills since the last time we raced together. Allison A (Velossimo) pulled a lot in the front. I knew she'd finish strong so I got right on her wheel on the last lap in order to hang on. She was leading the group and after the last turn, I got up to sprint, just hoping to finish close to her. Miraculously, I barely passed her at the finish (with another tunnel vision moment), and Allison F sprinted past us to win first... Seton Brain and Spine got 1st and 2nd finishes!

Driveway W3/4 results
Courtesy of Driveway Series

2nd place prize: a Rogue Running tech shirt

I really should have saved my legs for the upcoming Fayetteville race, but since it was our anniversary, I just had to ride the men's 4/5 race with Henri. We stayed with the group the whole time, which was a first for both of us. I was in front of Henri a lot, helping him choose lines, and encouraging him to work his way towards the front of the pack. There was a crash on the 2nd to last turn of the last lap, but we were far enough behind it to navigate our way through safely. I sprinted some men at the pack finish with Henri close behind me. We were happily packfill.

Driveway crit... or leisurely Thursday stroll 
Photo courtesy of JA Hicks

Henri had just gotten a bike fit Tuesday with Tad Hughes. I think this was largely responsible for his sudden increase in ability. He actually felt good during the race - like he could have been at the front a little bit, which has never happened. Tad added an extremely long stem to change his position so that his chest could open up more. Henri said he could tell that he could breathe way easier with the comparable heart rates. Also, Henri has had knee pain from day 1 of cycling. Typically, after a hard effort like the driveway, his right knee would hurt. This time, it did not. I am amazed time and time again by how Tad can change a rider's total cycling experience with just a bike fit.

Seton Brain and Spine lookin good
Photo courtesy of JA Hicks

Racing resumes for me this weekend at the Fayetteville Stage Race, with Henri serving the most important job of soigneur.

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