Sunday, January 8, 2012

Seton Brain and Spine Ladies' Weekend

This weekend was my last before I start the 16 month journey to graduation. So of course, I spent it in Austin with my bicycle, and the ladies of Team Seton Brain and Spine.

Saturday morning we met at 9am at the Veloway, a 3 mile closed loop in south Austin, for a skills clinic. We practiced tight turns and picking up water bottles.

Showin those water bottles who's boss.

We also practiced scary things that might occur during racing, such as bumping up against other riders, and hitting the wheel of the person in front of you. The event culminated in the circle of death. We drew a circle by putting our water bottles on the ground, and then rode our bikes in said circle. If you were pushed out of the circle or put your foot down, you were out. Eventually, it was down to me and a new girl Faith, a commuter with newfound road and cyclocross skills. We were a pretty even match, and landed on a foot at the same time, resulting in a draw. But then we went at it again, until while pushing Faith with my shoulder, I lucked out and she put her foot down seconds before I lost my balance. It was so much fun! I can wait to teach some of the Aggies these drills.

Sunday we went for a 72 mile ride, and almost everyone showed up!

8 am meetup at Pure Austin

We left from Pure Austin Fitness, one of our rad sponsors, and headed southwest via Fitzugh. There were a few parts of the ride that were sketchy, with angry drivers, but we remained in one piece and the amount of hill-age was about perfect. I had just switched saddles and although my butt bones were screaming out from mile 30 onward, it was much better than the other saddle and riding on my girly parts. I felt really, really good on the bike. My back hurt less - I think because I wasn't constantly trying to push myself back onto the saddle. I could feel my previous level of fitness returning in my legs. In addition to feeling like I was on tiger blood, I had an amazing time chatting with my teammates on my first long ride with them. I couldn't have spent my last weekend of winter break in a better place.

Time for tacos in Dripping Springs

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