Friday, November 27, 2009


This year, we were supposed to go to Corpus Christi for two days for Thanksgiving. But Henri decided he was more interested in vomiting for 6 hours. So instead of Thanksgiving, we had anti-Thanksgiving. At least Henri did. I secretly ate. And slept all day. So we have been sleeping and generally unproductive (in Cypress) for the past two days instead of the traditional holiday. Lots of snuggling has made everything turn out okay.

Whenever I start packing to go on a trip, Kraken realizes that a car trip looms and quickly finds a hiding spot. Usually, I am privy to her scheming, but this time she found a really good hiding spot under my "new" recliner. Although it would not have been impossible to get her out, I decided to let Kraken have a win and let her stay there while we are in Houston. Luckily my awesome friend Kat is checking to make sure she doesn't turn into a pumpkin. Or a stapler.

I always thought that vet school would make me more focused. Like magic. But all that vet school has taught me is that magic doesn't exist, that there is no one magical thing I can do to make all my problems go away. The answer is always hard work. Boo! But vet school has taught me to "find the joy". This semester I have been finding the joy in:
  • my 4! animals
  • my 5th animal (Henri)
  • my vet school "fill-in" friends
  • hearing the whole class WHOOP after "beat the hell outta t.u.," then following up with a singular "hook 'em"
  • actually knowing the definitions of words spoken on the TV show House
  • passing grades (well, except that one Immuno test... and Physio test. oops)
  • studying-induced dementia
  • sangria

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panthres said...

And that is exactly where Kraken was when we checked on her. :)