Friday, November 21, 2008

be yourself

so easy to mutter the words
for me it's like
answering a question in class or
giving a public speech
absolutely terrifying.
although chemicals make it easier.
or do they?
have I just changed coincidentally on the chemicals?
I seem to have become more comfortable
in my own translucent skin
in past year.
I enjoy knowing myself better
I enjoy putting myself out there and caring less about the reaction
of the masses
being motivated by entertaining the small group of people
who can see the same strange shades of colors that I do.
I enjoy skydiving. at least for the first 30 seconds
after that it gets kinda boring
but since physical danger is so hard to come by
I've started replacing that adrenaline rush with a social one
say what comes to mind
one of two things will happen
nothing or
I'll make the world a little bit more interesting.
it's win/win.

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